Working with us

We’re looking for an Executive Director – Resources to oversee all our support functions.

Ideally, you’ll have a background in at least one of the areas that you’ll be managing but you must be able to collaborate across the business, drive transformational change and strive to improve service delivery.

You’ll be proactive, good with people and exceptionally resilient. Joining a supportive Executive Team, you’ll be an advocate for our customers and colleagues.

Directly responsible for
• Director – People
• Director – Business Improvement
• Director – Governance
• Director – Marketing & Communications
• Director – IT
Overall responsibility for all functions across the Resources Directorate, this comprising all of the teams reporting into each of the Directors above.

Overall team/department purpose

The Resources Directorate comprises a broad range of teams with overall responsibility for the majority of corporate functions for the business, excluding Finance.

Key role priorities

As a member of the Executive Director Team, the holder is responsible for directly contributing to the development of the longterm business wide corporate strategy.

This role is responsible for the provision of strategic leadership and direction to proactively develop and maximise the performance of all functions across the Resources Directorate. This involves ensuring that the most effective and innovative strategies are continually in place which are aligned with the business’s vision, values and corporate plan and developed to best complement the strategies in place across the other Directorates across the business.

Specifically, the role includes the development of all HR, Learning & Development and EDI, Business Improvement (including SHE), Marketing & Communications, IT and Governance and associated strategies to ensure that high quality, easily accessible and cost-efficient services are delivered; ensuring that all regulatory and statutory requirements are met with a clear focus on data accuracy and integrity to support evidence of compliance; ensuring the development and delivery of all performance requirements including achievement of bottom line financial targets and that all services are forwardlooking and have the capacity to grow with the business over time and as requirements internally and externally evolve. 

Key working relationships

The role holder directly line manages the Director level posts in the Directorate and is required to coach and develop them to maximise their performance and potential, ensuring they have the capacity and capability to translate strategic objectives into operational plans and effective and efficient delivery. The holder is also required to provide strategic guidance and support across the Directorate to ensure service quality and that all corporate functions are delivered consistently and to exceptional standards.

The holder is expected to act as a role model and to champion high quality internal customer excellence, including business partnering and the drive for continual service improvements across the business, also providing inspirational and visible leadership for teams across the Directorate, the business and working closely with the Board.

Externally, the holder is required to interact at the highest levels with a broad range of agencies and other stakeholders.

As an Executive Director of the Group, the holder is expected to collaborate effectively with other Executive Directors and to provide peer leadership and challenge across all Directorates to drive overall performance.

Main duties and responsibilities

  • Strategically lead and ensure performance and delivery frameworks are in place to deliver a range of services across all functions comprising the Resources Directorate.
  • Provide strategic and operational direction for the delivery of all Directorate services, including the setting of appropriate service standards and overseeing the delivery of projects and priorities that these teams are accountable for.
  • Establish clear requirements and delivery priorities with internal customers.
  • Identify strategic efficiencies and maximise value for money in all aspects of service delivery.
  • Enable and facilitate the delivery of an effective business partnering approach to the provision of a broad range of support activities and services, commissioning external support where appropriate.
  • Ensure statutory and regulatory compliance requirements are met and can be demonstrated.
  • Promote a highly customer focused culture, setting expectations of the need for data accuracy, integrity and a right first time and continually improving mentality.
  • Identify innovative methods to lead and drive performance and results.
  • Identify, develop and maintain positive external partnerships, including with statutory, regulatory and other professional bodies, building and maintaining an external network that adds value to the objectives of the Group.
  • Deliver the agreed financial targets and KPIs for activities across the Directorate and broader Corporate and financial plans.
  • Work in conjunction with the Board and Executive Team to ensure effective early warning systems are in place, including scenario planning, stress testing and that the business maintains and reviews its risk appetite and tolerance.
  • Initiate root cause analysis and investigations to challenge data and performance issues in relation to internal customer service provision and drive outcomes to improve business performance and results.
  • Provide key strategic and tactical data in relation to service provision and share this information as appropriate, also recommending changes to improve the commerciality and effectiveness of the business.
  • Provide peer leadership and challenge to drive customer excellence and overall performance.
  • Drive commercial activities that enable positive social value.
  • Formulate and quantify social value for the business.
  • Oversee the management of annual monitoring, liaising and engaging with auditors in relation to requirements.
  • Access services directly or through 3rd parties via robust procurement and good practice processes
  • Proactively identify strategic business risks and develop plans to mitigate or eliminate these. 
  • Work with Boards and Board Chairs as required, developing positive working relationships and complying with all governance requirements.
  • Complete any other activities as commensurate with the level and nature of the post as delegated by the Chief Executive.

Key measures of success

  • Meet and strive to exceed all strategic and operational objectives for the Directorate and its functions, whilst also achieving agreed financial results.
  • Conduct and utilise performance benchmarking and overall business value for money assessments to drive improvements and results.
  • Create and deliver business plans for service areas across the Directorate and beyond, particularly where such are aligned to achieving customer excellence and supporting wider business priorities and outcomes.
  • Minimise and/or eliminate business risk in relation to service delivery.
  • Recognition of excellence in provision of support in all service areas from internal customers.
  • Ensure that all teams across the Directorate effectively deliver policies and services in line with internal customer requirement and the corporate plans and
  • Ensure strategic and operational plans are clearly articulated and widely understood throughout the business.
  • Ensure that there is demonstrable evidence across the Directorate, and the business where appropriate, to provide robust assurance that statutory and regulatory compliance is being achieved.
  • Ensure that all services are procured in line with business guidelines and protocols, aiming to secure increased social as well as financial value.
  • Provision of accurate and timely performance monitoring data and information, highlighting the current position, future impact and future opportunities for the business.
  • Demonstrate effective leadership through feedback and business performance.
  • Improve the capability and capacity of the team as measured by performance management data and results and a positive customer and performance.
  • Shape Board relationships and agendas to ensure strategies and direction are discussed and agreed, formulating key action plans and expectations through the Directorate and the business to deliver agreed outcomes and proactively develop future plans.

Livving our values

Livv’s a place with opportunities to grow. We believe in empowering you to make a positive impact in your own unique way. Our values embody what matters to us and show what it means to be Livv, together. Each one of us

  • listens to our customers and makes their needs a priority
  • is committed to equality, diversity and inclusivity
  • takes a flexible approach and works where we’re needed
  • follows health and safety guidelines to keep ourselves, colleagues, and customers safe
  • helps reduce risks by proactively communicating any potential issues to our line managers
  • protects sensitive information by safeguarding customer, colleague and third-party data
  • is guided by our policies, procedures and social aims
  • is dedicated to continual learning and taking ownership of our personal and professional development.

Inclusion at Livv

We recognise we all have different ideas, perspectives and talents to bring, and these differences makes us a stronger team. We strive to create a culture where you can bring your whole self to work in safety.

We’re committed to removing barriers to inclusion and embedding this ethos into our processes, policies and priorities.

To raise awareness about equality, diversity and inclusion, we organise expert speakers and training, backed up by regular colleague briefings, and celebrate diversity throughout the year. All our people managers undergo mental health and inclusivity training.


We offer a range of benefits and rewards designed to help you, and your loved ones, flourish. It’s important to us that you have a great work life balance, and we’ve a range of benefits to ensure that all colleagues are supported.

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